Rymdreglage is a Swedish duo who likes to do music and videos. Rymdreglage means something like “intergalactic space slider” so don’t you even dare to think about what we mean with that, we are just to deep for you my friend. Just check the images of us on this webpage and you might get a clue of what we mean. For some years we get the great idea to change name to Ninjamoped because it would then be more easy for the non english speaking people to remember the name of the band. But then we realized that no one need to say the name on a band now a day, they just share those links on the so called internet… So we tried to silence for silence this strange idea. So if you here anyting about Ninjamoped then it is exactly the same thing as Rymdreglage, but in another way. Rymdreglage started in 2003 and will continue as long as we live, so you will hopefully don’t get rid of us for a wile. We like to do animations and that is probably what we are most well known for, but we also do “ordinary” videos. The music sounds often electric in some way and we have a strong fondness for video games from the 80’s and how they sounded. Yep now you know everything you need to know about us.