Cryppzle or the Crypzzle is a digital crypto / puzzle that we have created.

The first person who are able to solve it will be rewarded with at least
10000 USD. If we will get donations for this Crypzzle, half of that money
will be added to the price. If we create art in form of sculptures, paintings,
weird looking headphones, or what ever it can be that is not too big to be shiped this might also be included in the price in case it has not been already sold.

To be able to solve it you must first of all get a copy of it. You can either download it for free by clicking the link —–> Download Crypzzle
In some web browsers you need to right click the link and click “save link as”. You will now download a zip-file containing 8 torrent-files. Unzip it and open this in your favorite torrent downloading client. The total size of the Crypzzle is almost 256 GB so keep that in mind. If you want to support us financially or if you just think it is boring to download big files you can also donate 70-199 USD or swisha 700-1999 SEK and we will send you some kind of iron ring with a serial number that you can have in your book shelf with a USB-stick hanging down from it. See the picture below…

The Cryppzle is in album-form so it contains 1024 music albums with 99 ambient songs on each. The total length of all the songs is 5903 hours, 8 minutes and 54 seconds. So if you are into ambient music this is the thing for you.

Information about what you shall do if you solve it will be shown in the Crypzzle itself. When someone has solved it he, she or it will have to show exactly how he, she or it solved it so save all your notes on the way.

You do not need to have any specially skills like knowledge of coding or “high” level of mathematic skills. If you are like 15 years old or above and have been at school for around 10 years or so that shall be enough.

The Crypzzle will go on till someone has solved it or till Tomas has left planet earth, or has become demented, because he is the only one who knows how to solve it. If someone solves it, this will be announced on our webpage. Right here —-> Nope, no one so far…

Because of the size and complexity of this Crypzzle it will also be perfect to
benchmark different types of artificial intelligence.

best regards: Tomas and Daniel / Rymdreglage.