Our music

The easiest way to listen to our music is probably to just use a streaming site like Spotify or WiMP or somthing like that. If you want to buy a separate song you can try some of the sites in the list below.

But Hey! if you want to buy all our music as uncompressed wav-files (for you who are connoisseurs) you can donate 30 USD or more by pressing the donation button on top. Or if you want to use Swish, our Swish number is: 123 641 6846. Then we will send you three DVD-s with all our released music plus unique collector pictures of us posing in really nice environments 😛 Do you think that will be enough? Nope, you will also get an original A3 paper from our video “Terminator 2 – 20 years” as long as there is some papers left but right now there is a couple of thousands of them 🙂 Do not forget to write your address! You will also be a part of our extraordinary sponsor list and that is something that everybody wants 😛

Here is a list with places where you can stream or download our music

www.247entertainment.com     www.7digital.com     www.amazon.com     www.basepointmedia.com     www.beatsmusic.com     www.mycricket.com/muve-music     www.deezer.com     www.emusic.com     www.gogoyoko.com     play.google.com/music     www.gracenote.com     www.gramo.no     hellojune.net/     www.inprodicon.com     www.apple.com/itunes/store/     now.jbhifi.com.au     shop.klicktrack.com     www.mediasp.com     www.mondiamedia.com     muusika24.ee     www.nokia.com/music     music.qriocity.com     www.rdio.com     www.rhapsody.com     www.securycast.com     www.slacker.com     www.soundexchange.com     www.spotify.com     www.wimp.no     www.musiwave.com     zvooq.ru