We have now created a download section to the website where you can currently download a torrent with 925 pictures that we took two years ago when we did some different album covers. We have also made a board game that you can download and print out and play. Look in the download section now and then because sometimes we add new things there.
New year new conditions. The NES-quiz is now over and we have three lucky winners: illegalcaracter, InsomniAddictMovies and Christopher Gough who each have had their golden NES control in real fake gold.

We will do behind the scenes materials from our videos that you can enjoy. The reason for this is that there was a person in cyberspace who wanted it that way. We will put some instruction in these videos in that it is the latest. The name of these videos will therefore contain the word "school". These videos are not aiming to be funny but are just there because they are there.
Hey folks, now is the winds of change blowing! We have after massive pressure from our brains decided to change the name from Rymdreglage to Ninja Moped see the video below how it happened.

We have recognized that the name Rymdreglage is not easy to spell or pronounce in countries outside the Nordic region, because of the volume of email we received with requests for phonetic and other writings. Instead we have meant to spare you with a name that is neither difficult to spell or pronounce: Ninja Moped, so easy that a three year old understands it. I could imagine that the Ninja moped was used in the most hazardous missions in which ninjas were forced to come quickly without being too fast. Only the very bravest ninjas got to proceed on this mysterious vehicle, which actually belonged to the emperor because he was the only one who knew where to buy mopeds.

Besides, we have received some requests about making a tour and other stuff that we do not have time to do so instead we do a tour via the Internet so we do not have to sleep in hotels. Every other Saturday we will be releasing a music video where we have "legolized" 8 NES-games. Then follows a few competition which you must join to not be retarded. See 8-bit tour

In addition, we now work on a new album with only chip music or bit pop as some say.

It is now also possible to become an official sponsor of the Ninja Moped so that we can afford to build the giant crossbow needed to throw a piano 100 meters (330 feet), see the piano project. By making a donation via paypal you will be our sponsor and join our prestigious list of sponsors. The one who donates most money will be at the top of the list and will get an invaluable gift as thanks for his/her generosity at year-end.

Thank you for taking your time to visit this site and would you for some reason like to send us an email, send it to: ninjamoped<at>hotmail.com <at> = @.