We have made 128 exclusive Steampunk-Rave Glasses that you will got if you donate 200 USD or more, or for swedish people Swichar 2000 SEK or more. They are all handmade and unique, all with serial number stamped in to both tha glasses and the cases. See the list: Glasses, for detail pictures on each glasses. Good to have if you choose to get a pair and the pirates starts to copy this trofes 😛 Remember that no one can copy the exact structures of the wood in combination with the cracks and pattern of the rivet and the exact position and depth of the stamped numbers and the hooks that holds the springs. Each glasses has their unique scratches and weldings. In short terms, impossible to copy, good for collectors 🙂




If you donate 30 USD or more, or swishar 300 SEK or more you will got a couple of DVD’s, all carefully wrapped in to one of the papers from the T2-Video that we made back in 2011 with all our music that is released on the streaming platforms out there.

If you donate 20 USD or more but less then 30 USD, or swishar 200 but less then 300 SEK you will got the movie that we made back in the 90’s Called Legenden om Dunneric (Legend of Dunneric). It is on DVD with a colorful case. It is only swedish subtitles, but that does not matter because we don’t say so important stuff. You can understand what is going on just by looking at it. Mostly there is some kind of fight. It is 2 hours and 5 minutes long. The movie is not the greatest one ever made but some times you just want to see a bad movie and this is one of them. The genre is fantasy, here is a link to the music video that is made by clips from the movie.