Hello here is 8-bit trip, it took us about 1500 hours to make back in 2009. It is our most popular video and that is way it is posted right here on the top of the page.

This is our tribute to the best movie in the world: Terminator 2, we released the video in 2011, the day Terminator 2 turned 20 years.

This is a stop motion video which we made with coins, every coin represent a pixel in the video.

Below you can watch a video with a lot of violence in, if you are a tree lover you will cry 😛

So here is a video made with Hama beams, enjoy!

In the first place we did this video for SVT (swedish television) for the TV-program Kobra but then we decided to make it a little longer and turn it in to a music video.

This video is mostly made with fruits and is inspired by the demo scene and the 2D shoters from the 80th.

This is in the first place a commercial for a local freight forwarding company called Skaraslättens transport AB. They gave us free hands to do what ever we wanted so we said thank you and did this video.

The following video is made “live” during a exhibition for mobile apps in London for the company Brainglass.

So here is just a classic lego animation, lots of mopeds and weapons 😛

An old looking video, probably one of the funniest to make, a high penny wheel was made just for this video 🙂

Back in time we had our own quiz called NES-quiz. This is one of the video from that time. You should try to find out what game we have build in lego.

This video is showing you our background when we tried to be professional extreme sportsman, it did not turned out so good…

In the dawn of time (1997-2001) we made a fantasy movie called Legenden om Dunneric (Legends of Dunneric) it is 2 hours and five minutes long. This is the short version turned in to a video game commercial 🙂

This was the second music video we made and it was in the spring 2004 when Sweden was competing in European Soccer Championship. We thought that they might need a good video so we did one…

And finally this is our first video: Plastic dudes, an 8:45 long monster video 😛

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