How we work

1. We do all of our music our self (no covers, no featuring stuff and so on) it might be so in the future but until now it is not like that.
2. We do all of the videos our self.
3. We build mostly all of the equipment for the filming our self, like: studios, jib arms, wind machines, rails, cnc operated camera systems and so on.
4. We also do anything for profit like commercial videos, music for video games and apps plus all kind of strange art mostly in iron.


Hello cyberspace, we are a band called Rymdreglage. But we are not just doing music, we are also trying to do incredible music videos at least some times we try to do that. Some times we just do regular or pretty bad videos 😛 It depends on in what mode we are. When we made 8-bit trip back in 2009, no one knew who we were. Than we decided to do a video that we would put a lot of work to and see what would happen. It turned out pretty well with 2000 000 views the first week. Then we thought, YEA, no we don´t have to put 1500 hours to our next video because people will love it any way, I have seen that phenomenon before 😛 But nope. They did not hate it but it did not turned out as good as we hoped. So we tried it again and again and yes I can keep writing “and again” for a while but I think you get the point. So now we have decide to build a camera controlling system that will own the world. Well at least for zero-budget filmmakers as we are 🙂 With this system we will do 8-bit trip 2 and a lot of other videos. But that is not really how we work… I guess it is a little tricky to explain. We want to create a new type of music but in the same way we want to make a living of it. I guess it’s a balancing act between creating something new that no one has ever made which, at least for us always takes a huge amount of time (we are talking thousands of hours) and doing something that is easy to create but still is entertaining. So the rational way of thinking is as all technology-geeks knows: we build a machine that do the work for us and here we are now! Yes I am still talking about the 3D-controller system for the camera. I always do… OK we will post some photos of it and sorry for not keeping to the headline so good I guess I have to think more about it or not 😛